We believe through trust, collaborative thinking, engaging niche team skills, strong operational model and regional presence, companies like ours can deliver bigger and better solutions. Ability to tap into the team skills of our partner companies enables us to deliver solutions on all platforms and scale quickly as needed. We understand such engagements require strong alignment at management, financial & technical levels, which we plan to achieve through a good understanding of the partner company's strengths & ability to deliver. This happens through mutual trust and respect for each other’s work. This enables us to support our clients across regional and technology boundaries as a cohesive team. Depending on the client need we switch roles with our partner company as a facilitator or a moderator on a given assignment.

Business Partners

To Partners in our space (health care IT) who require ability to scale with our onsite and offshore model, we can be of assistance through our well-equipped resource pool. We have architects who can be consulted in this domain and technologies. We seek partners who would like to expand on their business with us being part of their team and growth.

Technology Partners

AOI's strength is backend data centric technologies. We can enable the technologies on the back-end with relative ease for our partners and their clients. We would like our backend skills to be complemented by partners who are good at Web technologies, front end and mobile based technologies.

Product Development Partners

We believe that each of our client is special and their requirement(s) is unique. No one product fits all solutions in a given area. Each client solution will require some level of tailored activity. We would like to assist our partners in such client customized product suite development and support.

Regional Partners

It is good to be diversified, especially geographically (across the US, Europe, APAC regions). This regional spread helps us market our solutions through our partners, client reach and ability to assist our client base locally and globally as well. We have our team at US onsite (East coast), and India offshore (IT cities). We would like to engage partners from other regional areas to spread our reach.

Our Partners

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