AOI has access to skills on wide range of Technologies from Mainframes to Big Data Engines, Sales Force, SAP, Mongo DB, Web, Azure, AWS & Mobile technologies.

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Staff Augmentation

AOI has the unique ability to understand client need wholistically from a technology, skillset, process alignment & team compatibility perspective.

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Technical Capabilities

AOI team specializes in the Healthcare & Life Sciences IT.

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Product Development

We at AOI believe that a good fit can’t be an okay feeling, it has to be a feeling of "Perfect". We are clear on the order "client specific needs" then the "customized product build".

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AOI is a trusted data solutions partner poised to deliver custom projects and product development solutions to our clients depending on their specific need. Upon request we enable technology, facilitate staff augmentation, deliver application development and support.

We engage with clients at individual, team, corporate & even at Government levels to provide them micro to macro level insights and solutions. We faciliate tactical and strategic support as required.


Data Architecture

Data Solutions

Every organization captures large amounts of data, amounts that continue to increase every year, but this vital asset is often disconnected from strategic decision-making process.

Progress in database technologies, statistics, and machine learning concepts have improved techniques for detecting patterns in large datasets, but the discipline still requires an incredible amount of expertise to implement predictive analytics effectively; to deliver accurate, understandable, and actionable analysis. In a nutshell, how do we:

  • Map marketing goals to appropriate predictive algorithms?
  • Perform data hygiene and transformations?
  • Build models and test results?

Our process starts with ensuring the appropriate business considerations are considered, as well as determining the appropriate level of infrastructure investment that may be necessary to support the data mining initiative. From here, we validate the various data sources, extracting and transforming the data so that it can be integrated into a holistic whole, ready for the models and downstream analysis.

Data Mining Services

Data Mining

Organizations that have successfully expanded their business intelligence capabilities and integrated this with decision making activities have seen dramatic impacts on their organization. Incorporating data mining capabilities into your business intelligence portfolio offers significant opportunity for increasing value by integrating delivery of results from predictive analytics; a central concept to data mining: the focus of identifying hidden patterns that exist within data.

Data Architecture

Data Architecture

AOI Data Architect aligns with business processes (end to end), rather than silo system level architectures based on the old information technology paradigms. Our architecture is aligned to high volume, velocity and veracity of data processes that would integrate the business from within and also with external ecosystems, using superimposed view of business process flow, data flow & technology usage(end to end).

Data Wearhousing

Data Warehousing

AOI offers support to companies in storing and maintenance of data in a structured, easily accessible format and relatively low cost platform

Data Science

Data Science

AOI Data Science is an approach through which we arrive at answers, explanations & new models for business by performing data mining, studying data patterns, running regression models, predictive analytics paired with our extensive domain knowledge. We specialize in the "Life Sciences" and "Healthcare" domain. We consult for a large human data science company.

Data Security

Data Security

AOI Data Security helps manage privacy information across the data continuum. Our data encryption helps prevent identifiable data components from being exchanged or used, while on the same note facilitate way to analyze these de-identified fields. We specialize in this field of work and have developed custom solutions for many clients across the globe.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

AOI Data Analytics provide scaled level of insights to the business processes at real time. Our "Basic Analytics" provide statistical observations and dashboards, "Advanced Analytics" provide patterns using historic data, and “Predictive Analytics" provide projection models using current historic data and AI inferences.

Data Security

AOI Blockchain Solution Central

AOI Blockchain Solution Central is a framework that involves 4 important entities (network enablers, regulators, hosts cum financiers, providers of services). Our global blockchain development team are geared up to bring together domain knowledge, business acumen, security and regulatory understanding to build solutions and develop use cases using the Blockchain based technology.

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